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Pure Ohio

All of our maple syrup is made right here on our farm located in beautiful rural Ohio. Some of the trees on our farm have been tapped for more than 200 years. 


Sugarbush Creek Farm

At Sugarbush Creek Farm we use the latest and greatest technologies to make our award winning maple syrup but our farm is still rooted in a family tradition.


It all started in a backyard...

Back when I was 13 years old I started making syrup for the first time in my parents backyard and tapped just 13 trees that year! My interest in maple syrup was sparked after reading the book “The Biggest Bear” where a pet bear loves eating maple candies. My hobby quickly grew and I started tapping any tree I could get my hands on at friends and neighbors houses.

Est. 1992

In 1992 the current Sugarbush Creek Farm was established in Huntsburg, Ohio. We now have 45 acres of woods where we tap over 2200 trees. While there has been a Sugarhouse on this exact spot for over 200 years we completely rebuilt it to bring the farm into the 21st century. One way our tradition was carried on was by using all wood that was sustainably harvested from our farm.

Tradition and Technology

Modern technology has become the newest part of our story. In our woods we can monitor our whole operation from an app on a smartphone! We can view metrics such as the level on the sap storage tanks and the temperature at more than 10 locations in the woods.


How It's Made


Tapping the trees

Making maple syrup is a labor intensive process. Every January we tap more than 2200 trees by hand and we are careful to only select healthy, mature trees. We use a system of tubing and stainless steel spouts to gather the sap quickly and cleanly. The sap flows by gravity to the lowest point on our property, the pump house. At the pump house we have large 1500 gallon storage tanks where the sap is stored before we boil it.

Boiling - From sap to syrup

After we collect the sap it is pumped to the Sugarhouse where we boil it down. It takes 40 to 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup! Before we boil the sap it passes through a reverse osmosis system which uses membranes to take some of the water out of the sap. This system helps to cut down our fuel use and boiling time by more than fifty percent! To boil the sap we use a state of the art wood fired evaporator. All of the wood that we burn to boil the sap comes from trees sustainably harvested from our farm. With our high tech process we can boil over 1000 gallons of sap per hour.



The Finished Product

After we are doing boiling the sap into syrup (and done taste testing) we filter it and package it into barrels. We then package it throughout the year and also make products like maple candy maple butter, and maple sugar.

Our Tree Farm


The original tree huggers

Here at Sugarbush Creek Farm our lives revolve around our trees and we have a little saying that “a healthy tree is a happy tree”.

"At Sugarbush Creek Farm we care about being stewards of the land to keep our farm healthy for generations to come"